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September 27th – Garage extension update

I have been holding off posting an update on the garage extension.  There have been so many little things happening out there that I have been waiting to sum them all up together.  It is Friday afternoon and the work is … Continue reading

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September 1st – Garage Extension Update

Ahhhh It is good to be back on my computer.  We have been without one for a few weeks and I have had to rely on an iPad with no photo downloads.   Forgive me… but I’m back and have lots to catch … Continue reading

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August 8 – Garage Extension Update

The siding has arrived and Warren and Jordan have been busy hanging it.      Its coming together, isn’t it?  

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July13 – Garage extension update

The garage work crew put in a long day yesterday in searing heat.  They started at 7 a.m and worked right through that  29 degree scorcher.   Yicks!   Sitting on top of a roof is the last place I want to be.   … Continue reading

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July 9th – Garage extension update

The air is filled with the sound of lost  baby birds chirping and construction.   There is lots of loud banging.  Continuous drilling.  Sometimes I hear squealing of wood being cut by metal.  Often a tool is vibrating and there is pounding of wood.     It … Continue reading

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