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In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.

Like nothing I’ve seen before

We are now in Skagway Alaska. This is the end of our northern Alaska/Yukon road trip. The next phase involves a two and a half day boat trip through the Alaskan Inner Passage to Prince Rupert BC and then across … Continue reading

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Mosquitos  0.   Black Flies.   0. (Can you believe our luck)  One bottle of Chardonnay ( it is Saturday night)  Wildlife sightings today – one poor dead moose and a huge black bear The weather is partially cloudy, some … Continue reading

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Mile # 422

We snagged a great camp site today. We are on the banks of Toad River,  Northern  BC, just south of the Yukon.  Here is a summary of the last 24 hours: Mosquitos      0 Black flies (orbiting but not … Continue reading

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Out running the mosquitoes 

This morning I’m updating Westlakemusings using my iphone.  Forgive me a thousands sins.  I never would have imagined writing a whole blog on my little phone but what are my options?  Wait until I’m home in August?   I’m currently camping … Continue reading

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New green

A sure sign of spring is a solarium filled with little green sprouts.  The season is on.  These days I am busy patting down soil mixture, misting baby sprouts or transplanting to larger pots once the first leaves appear. Starting a garden … Continue reading

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Planning a Summer of Awesomeness

The summer of 2015 is going to be amazing.  Warren and I are so looking forward to hitting the road and heading west.  We will be away for at least ten weeks, visiting friends in Haidi Gwaii and family in Kamloops and … Continue reading

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……..and now for something a little different.  Thirty years too late, this is my attempt at the spoken word.  Queue the hip-hop beat, please …………….. Slammin’ It was all about the hair……..all shiny and bouncy Tack on the smile and I … Continue reading

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Defining Moments

I want to share something with you. It is this thing I do in my mind, a kind of game.  I play it quite regularly when I need to quickly distract myself from something unpleasant – like a dental procedure.  During … Continue reading

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The Big Reveal

Ahh the new kitchen.  The last frontier.  The final phase of this house renovation.  It is almost done.  We are still waiting on two cupboard doors.   Want to see it?  I took pictures of everything. We started this project back in … Continue reading

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The new fireplace

The new fireplace project started when we decided to do something with our crumbling brick chimney.  Living in an 1852 brick house requires continuous upkeep.  The mortar cracks.  The old brick crumbles.  Of particular concern was outside chimney.  It required rebuilding with … Continue reading

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