Libby’s Guest Blog

And now for something a little different and hopefully not annoying 

Since Libby, our Brittany Spaniel has been such an amazing and adaptable dog on our trip, she is being rewarded with the opportunity to tell her side of the story. Here goes…..

Hi there. Libby here.  Today we are in Sudbury, Ontario. It is pouring rain outside our RV.  

I am on guard duty right now;  standing in my usual spot up on top of the dash, watching for other dogs to walk past. Then, I am required to bark until Diane and Warren are alerted and start to bark too. So busy

My impression of this trip?  Well, it has been a life changer. It is hard to imagine now but three months ago I hated to drive in the car.  I had never swam in a lake or been sailing out at sea.  I have learned to adapt. Now I just take each new day as it comes.  Every day is an adventure 

To summarize, here are the best parts and a few low points.

I hate life on a leash.  As much as I yank and pull and drag Diane down into every roadside ditch, she still insists I be tied up

I’m not too keen on boating and deep water.   I have learned to swim out of necessarily.  It is very fortunate that Diane had the foresight to put be in a ridiculous dog life preserver.  I escaped and jumped over board while we were out in the ocean picking up crab pots.  Boy, that salt water really stings my eyes! 

Most awkward incident on the trip: 

I had very bad diarrhea while out on our over night boat trip.  We were far from shore and it was night time.   Jeesh!   What is a dog suppose to do? Diane wanted me to release myself up on deck. Come on?   That wasn’t going to happen. So I exploded a few dozen times that night in my lower berth.  I just couldn’t help it.  We have decided to never talk about that night again. Ever! 

The good parts of this adventure:

I have met new friends. In particular there was an amazing Jack Russell on Haida Gwaii named Dawson. He was really something special. He was inspiring;  a sea dog who thrived on adventure. 

Haida Gwaii was the absolute best part of this amazing holiday. I loved running incrediably fast across miles and miles of empty sandy beach.   I had never felt so free or fit. It was magnificent 

The hunting and sniffing on this trip have been out of this world.  The variety!  It changes every day. Sometimes I detect deer and bear. The next day it can be sea life or  moose.  While in an RV park there are countless scents of other dogs and burnt marshmallows.  I’m talking quality sniffing everywhere I go.

Another part of life on the road that I love is the physical closeness of living in an RV with  Diane and Warren.  We eat, drive and sleep all together. With the exception of the three ferry rides we have never been apart for over three months.  It has been a dream come true. 

 Life on the road is the best. 


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In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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4 Responses to Libby’s Guest Blog

  1. Nice to hear from you Libby. It sounds like you’re having a great trip and are getting to experience lots of interesting things.

  2. wildsherkin says:

    Libby, what a great story teller you are. So enjoyed the highs and lows of the trip. Sending you an ear cuddle and a warm pat at on the head.:) …and a friendly wag from Nellie, who still hasn’t found her sea legs. Patsy

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