OMG Crazy Adventure Time Has Begun

She wants to take me out in the skiff with the dogs to tie out the crab pots.  Say what?  That sounds just crazy dangerous. Doesn’t it? 

We have arrived in Haida Gwaii and life is quite different here. 

First impressions:  It is stunningly beautiful. Our RV is parked right beside the water’s edge.  The tide comes in. The tide goes out. It is equally beautiful either way.  Strong gold grasses contrast with the bright green sea weed and rusty red rock. 

We are visiting an old friend of Warren’s, whom he has shared a passion for building hot rods since they were both thirteen years old. The boys (Warren and Keith) are at it again, spending long days planning, dreaming and welding together a new project.  I only see them at dinner when they come in with their  greasy black hands, still talking cars. 

Fortunately I am spending my days with a delightful and fascinating women – Barb, Keith’s wife. 

Barb is a textile artist.  Last fall when she was visiting us we drove out to a farm on Morrison Point and purchased two large bags of ‘raw’ sheep’s wool.  Barb has since transformed these into gorgeous mounds of fluffy blues and greens.  Last night my job was to continue to pick out stubborn pieces of straw and seeds and pull the strands apart. Barb sat at her loom and spun.  Two strands will be combined and the wool will soon be ready for use.  I’m going to get some of it and try to knit myself a hat.  Oh I hope I don’t embarrass myself.  My knitting skills are terrible, but isn’t this whole process so cool?  I can’t wait to get started.

Backing my story up abit, I should explain that our friends live full time in Queen Charlotte City, Haida Gwaii.  Their stunning home is right on the edge of a quite cove, surrounding by ocean and mountains. 

 Keith and Barb are both certified Captains and for many years have run kayak mothership adventure tours of Haida Gwaii. 

 The ferry boat trip over here on Sunday night was short and uneventful. We boarded the boat at 8 pm; said good night to Libby in the RV and we went off to our berth. The boat sailed from Prince Rupert at 10 pm. Our room was very comfortable with bath and we both had a sound night’s sleep. We were awoken at 7 am by the change in the ship’s motor. It was docking and we had arrived at the port of Skidegate by 7 am. Our friends live just 10 minutes down the road in Queen Charlotte City. 
 It is day three on the islands but we have already done a lot. There are many artists on the island so I have visited a few galleries. Barb is super active/fit so she has had me hiking up mountain trails through moss / fern covered towering forests and chased our crazy dogs over miles of empty beaches. Every which way you look is a breathtaking vista and because the weather here is so mild and moderate the flowers are lovely and lush. 
 There are no bugs on Haida Gwaii. No need for screens on the windows. Doors are left open for the dogs 
 I think a real boat trip 4 or 5 days up the coast is scheduled for next week and of course some salmon fishing, smoking and canning. 
 It is all heaven 

About westlakemusings

In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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2 Responses to OMG Crazy Adventure Time Has Begun

  1. Donna says:

    You are having the adventure of a lifetime and again, your post makes us feel we are there enjoying it with you.

  2. It all sounds so adventurous. Glad you are having such a great time.

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