Floating down the Inner Passage, Alaska 

I’m writing from Wrangell, Alaska a fairly small, but busy land locked port in Alaska’s inner passage.  I think everyone here flies a sea plane.  They are taking off and landing all around us like dragon flies.

We are on this ferry boat for 40 hours and the rules state that we can’t stay inside the RV and Libby can’t come upstairs with the passengers. At every stop after the boat is tied up we are permitted to go down to the hold, feed Libby and take her ashore for a short walk. Usually this happens every 6 or 7 hours but on the ferry line’s schedule; not Libby’s.   Last night I had to take the poor dog out for her bedtime pee at 2:30 am. Our port at that time Was this tiny, ugly village called “Kate”.  My impression is not favorable.  I don’t think they could offer us a single blade of grass in Kate, or none I could find at 2:30 am with my desperate dog.  Poor Libby. 

Another complaint is that it was dark.  Much darker than in Whitehorse, for instance. I am sad to leave the land of the midnight sun.  It was thrilling to walk at night and see the sun still out.  

The temperature is also warming up as we head south but I haven’t stopped wearing my winter coat yet.  It is still only 8 – 12 degrees outside.

Warren and I and a tiny berth on this ferry which comes with a bathroom and shower, (which is a bonus since we recently converted our RV shower into more storage space) twin single bunk beds, and one straight back chair.  Warren agreed to climb the ladder up to the top bunk but he also got to sit in the one chair.  I had to hunch over and bow my head while sitting in the lower bunk drinking my wine.  Alcohol is only permitted in the privacy of our room. It was one crumby cocktail hour.  We have mostly been spending our time on an observation deck.  We have met a lot of interesting people such as the 91 year old man from LA sightseeing all by himself.
At 2 am Saturday morning we will dock and this ferry ride from Skagway will end. Twenty four hours later we will catch a different ferry and head out to Haida Gwaii for three weeks 

Everything continues to unfold beautifully and I have been wowed countless times with unbelievable sights such as scores of bald eagles all sitting in the same fir tree and sea planes zipping over our boat’s bow. 

For the most part we have had an internet connection at least once every day for a few short minutes  while we pass through a town.   I am still only using my pointer finger and my iphone so please forgive me any technical errors. 

Well they just made an announcement and we are setting sail again 

I will try to update again when I reach Haida Gwaii 



About westlakemusings

In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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  1. A real challenge for Libby though her sleeping quarters sound more spacious than yours!

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