The Big Reveal

Ahh the new kitchen.  The last frontier.  The final phase of this house renovation.  It is almost done.  We are still waiting on two cupboard doors.   Want to see it?  I took pictures of everything.

We started this project back in September.  Step 1 – A temporary kitchen was assembled out in the  solarium.  I am so lucky to have that wonderful space,  so bright and spacious.

temporary kitchen

Warren moved in the microwave and frig.  The gas man hooked up the new stove and we used the scaffling to hold all of our food, plates and pots.  I had counters galore to work on.    The only draw back was the lack of water.  I used a garden hose to wash my dishes. As the project inched its way into late fall the garden hose routine became colder and colder.

window removedThe old window was removed and the kitchen gutted back to the rafters.

(a little side note:   Other wives might be a little nervous at this point in the project.  After all – your beautiful house is now destroyed and exposed to the world.  Not me.  After living through countless other renovations all beautifully completed by Warren, I know he has things well under control.  Warren really is very experienced, skilled and knowledgeable.  As a matter, indulge me a little bit so that I can rant about a pet peeve of mine….People are always saying to me “Oh you are so lucky to be married to a handy guy“.  This drives me crazy to hear that.  This guy is not just”handy”.  He is a professional and one of the best. ) rant over.

Oooo!   look…. lovely brick walls were discovered behind the old drywall.   Should we leave them exposed? kitchen brick wall

The new floor was laid and lots of pot lights installed.

kitchen reno with new pot lights

I love this floor. We first used these tiles back in 2013 when we renovated the bathroom.  We bought extra knowing we wanted to be consistent when laying the adjacent kitchen floor.  They’re porcelain – very durable and easy maintenance.   The colour is perfect for our life style.  We hate taking off our shoes when entering the house and the dog comes and goes with wet feet all day long.  This mixture of gray, sand and light green colour doesn’t show a thing.

One of the most difficult decisions I had to make was selecting my colours.  The floor, backsplash and countertops versa the cabinet doors and paint for the walls.   Wow  I found it really difficult to commit.   I did not want to go white.   Every magazine I looked at showed white kitchens.  Hmmmm   I’m just not a white kitchen gal. After much anguish I went with my gut.  We selected “oyster” coloured cabinets.

kitchen reno coloursThe day we picked out our counter top was fun.  We drove to Toronto and walked through a warehouse filled with amazing slabs of beautiful marbles and granites.  I wanted to own them all.   In the end we selected “Verde Butterfly” granite.   At a distance it looks black but it has lovely deep olive tones with lots of flecks and interesting sparkles.


This is an Ikea sink.

Actually getting it was a memorable story.  We loved the sink but they were out of stock everywhere in Canada.  Later that month while Warren was on his Bonneville salt flat vacation he was able to pick one up at the Ikea location  in  Salt Lake City, Utah.  Makes it kind of special, doesn’t it?


Our kitchen cabinets came from Ikea but the doors were custom made by a company in Mississauga called Doormaker.

BEFORE  – ugly painted green pine cupboard doors, smaller window, old appliances

old kitchen

AFTER –  Ta da!

IMG_0828All done.    Fini     Complete    I’m loving it.

Do you like ?



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In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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8 Responses to The Big Reveal

  1. Cathie king says:

    Lovely. What’s the next project?

  2. Kathy M says:

    Thanks for the big reveal Diane. I LOVE your kitchen reno. I always said you missed your true calling as a designer. Great idea to make a bigger window. And the cabinets, countertops and backsplash all combine so nicely. Just one more thing: Regarding your rant– I think both sides are right: Warren is a professional AND he’s handy! Great job as usual!

  3. Lynne Ross says:

    Warren is very close by, therefore making him ‘handy’!! However, he is definitely a professional and that is evident in all the projects he tackles, whether it’s home or in the community. An outstanding job, design is phenomenal, so it was a group effort!! WELL DONE YOU TWO!

  4. Donna says:

    Beautiful…Warren has done it again. Very bright and cheeriis reno. I have to admit though that I did like the old kitchen even with its little blemishes. Enjoy!!!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous. A dream kitchen! Now I just need Warren the designer to come and advise us and draw up the plans!

  6. New kitchen and new fireplace all at once! What an exciting year you’ve had. The oyster colour on the cabinets is great. What a nice change. Much softer than white, IMO. Our kitchen reno is still a ways away, but I’ve had my eye on that Ikea sink for awhile. Do you like it? Does it seem durable? It’s hard to tell what you’ve done in the lower corners. Are those open shelves?

    • Thank you Julia. Odd that we were both working on fireplaces at the same time

      I love my Ikea sink. It is huge and i am able to use the second sink to store drying dishes out of sight instead of having a drying board up on the counter

      At first i was nervous about scratching the porcelaine. At the bottom of the sink I now have a clear rubber mat

      It is all finished now except for two cupboard doors which cover the counter lazy Susans.

  7. Ulla Simonassi says:

    When I came to visit in November for our big re-connection (after two decades!) your kitchen was almost complete. So I never saw the “before” and didn’t realize all the work involved. It truly looks wonderful. So bright and airy and modern! Great work! Diane, you must be so happy with your new kitchen which is usually a woman’s domain and thus deserves to be truly wonderful!

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