Enough already

This has been a winter from hell.  We haven’t had one like this since I was a kid.  I’m sick of cancellations.  I am so beyond cabin fever.  We have had:  ice storms, power failures,  plunging temperatures, snow storms with deep impenetrable drifts, fluffy lake effect snow, blinding snow squalls where can’t see the driveway and don’t dare to take the car out.  Enough already!


How have I been managing? Well, I haven’t been.  I sit inside, in my favour chair and I have been waiting winter out.   Boring…. I know.  I’m disgusted with myself.   I have read a mountain of fabulous books though.

Thank goodness for our solarium. We keep it heated this winter and it holds half a dozen projects. Warren keeps some of his big tools out there.  He can make all the mess he wants and he just has to sweep up the sawdust when he is finished.   I have over wintered many of my geraniums and patio planters and I will be starting to germinate my summer seeds in the next few weeks.  Everything is easy to maintain since we also dragged  in three full rain barrels.   There is a drain in the middle of the tile floor so we can freely hose and track in snow.  This huge space is perfect for the dogs.  It provides room for Libby to run crazy, chasing and destroying her toys.   It provides cool solitude for Molly seeking escape.


When we first moved into this house,  everyone asked what we were going to do with the solarium.  Some even forwarded lovely Pinterest photos and proposed we turn the space into a second dining room complete with  sparkling chandeliers.

Pinterest solarium  suggestion

Pinterest solarium suggestion

Others suggested installing an indoor pool.  But,  what has really made us happy is using this space to make messes and store our stuff.   Our solarium has happily become our indoor playground.


By the way, for those left hanging wondering what ever happened to Libby’s broken leg….

In mid December we had an appointment scheduled with a specialist in Toronto.  Then we had a huge ice store and a four-day power failure.  We had to cancel. Then the clinic was closed for Christmas and about that time we noticed that she was doing pretty well.  She was putting more weight on that leg and running around here at top speeds.  In the end we did nothing.  We think she is just fine.  She has since been spayed and we had an electric dog fence installed around all 2.6 acres, and now  – watch out!  She is a mad flying lunatic.


We are all surviving this winter… but just barely.  Enough already.


About westlakemusings

In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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7 Responses to Enough already

  1. So many thoughts!
    1. Your icicles are longer than our icicles. Some of ours look like they are about to pull off the trough!
    2. Love the dining room solarium photo. At first I thought it was yours!!
    3. Great news about Libby!

  2. Donna says:

    I am with you…..enough is enough already.
    But as a gentleman said to me, as I complained about the weather, “at least there is no black flies hovering around our head” …… Point well taken.
    I keep saying, “at least the amount of daylight is getting longer each day”.
    And the beginning of daylight savings starts March 9th….yay
    Take care.

  3. warblerific says:

    I so concur – this winter can’t end soon enough. Argh!!!

  4. Rev. Marilyn Townsend-Smith says:

    Libby has grown so much. She looks so happy and healthy. The solarium is yours. I’m glad you’re doing with it what you wish.

  5. Your solarium is a great space – works equally well for growing seeds or dogs.

    Animals seem to have a great way of healing themselves. We have a stray cat that came to us as a kitten with a limp. A vet friend of ours xrayed him and said that it was a broken pelvis that had healed itself. We called him Lurch and now both the cat and I walk with the same limp, It’s good company,

  6. Karen B. says:

    I hope spring is showing itself in your region. I love your dogs, the large one, is that an Irish Wolfhound?

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