To RV or not to RV? That is the question

We are on the verge of making a major decision and I’m embarrassed.  I  feel your judgement. We might be insane or at least, described as foolish.  Definitely it is a risky venture.  ….. We are seriously considering purchasing an RV.   Not just any little trailer. NO….oooo!!!    We are about to commit to a mammoth.  We are considering buying a 38.8 ft motor home.

Surprised?   You didn’t know we were the “RV” type.     That is what is holding me back. I’m not into the trailer park culture. I’m not a party person and I like my space. The idea of pulling up into a crowded campground is not a high selling feature.

This is what is attracting me: Being on the road. God, I love a road trip!  I’m especially drawn to the road this time of the year.    I’ve written about this before.  Last year we took Molly our Irish wolfhound on a trip to Connecticut.  Traveling with Molly in the back seat of Warren’s truck was not a success; not even when Molly wore her Thunder Shirt.  You can read about it here.

Molly in Thunder CoatI dream of seeing America:  South Carolina, Panama City, Arkansas, maybe as far west as Oklahoma and Denver.  In this enormous “rig” we would be up high with bright towering  windows stretching up in front of us.  Our world to discover.   We could just pack up the house, climb aboard this bus of a home and hit the road.


I like the motor home – A model, as compared with a 5th wheel trailer because our dogs can come along too.  Molly can stretch out on the floor and Libby can be up on  the couch or the lazy boy chair.  Lots of room for everyone.


I’m all for leaving November’s drab weather behind us. As soon as the last of the leaves are raked up, we could be away.

Size matters

 We have looked at a few models.  Some were only 24 feet long and nimble.   With these little units you could slip into a small plaza or parking lot and pretend to be a van or truck.   The down side of these little models is that they didn’t feel like a home.  I couldn’t imagine myself being comfortable for long.  Night after night we would all be stuck together sharing the same couch.  I couldn’t stand more than two nights of that.

We have found a RV for sale that we like.  It is used but in great shape.  It is being offered at a good price.  This one has all of the bells and whistles.  It has a couch, a lazy boy chair, extra-large frig, an oven, a dining room table and four chairs.  It even has a …………(wait for it……..) a washer/dryer!!  I can visualize myself reading a newspaper at the table while Warren watches TV in the living room.  Lots of space for everyone.

The Cons:

Three things are scaring me.

  1. With a “rig” this large you don’t just wind your way through a touristy area and park it anywhere.    Most RV parks seem to be a short drive away from the beach, requiring further transportation to get there.   I think most owners of a motor home this size also tow a small car behind them,  – thus adding to the already ridiculous length.  This puts me off.  We are looking at a scary length.  I can envision us up in the Blue Ridge Mountains caught in an ice storm.  That is the stuff of nightmares.  One bad car accident and your “investment” could be lost or worse.
  2. The second huge concern is its cost. It’s expensive…really expensive.  I’m not even sure this can be called an investment.  I suspect that we will never see our money again.  Like old boats these old RV seem to end their days sitting behind barns, rusty and undriveable.    We could be buying a huge white elephant.  I’m told by others that it would be a safer purchase to buy a 5th wheel trailer, that doesn’t require an engine.  But a trailer wouldn’t allow us to travel with the dogs.  That is what it is all about.    Therefore we are making this huge commitment because we have a giant dog.  Stupid,  stupid. I hear ya.
  3. My final big concern is the ” RV life style”.   I must confess ignorance here.  I have never stayed in a trailer park and all of my negative impressions have come from TV.  Have you ever watched a TV show called Myrtle Manor?  It is described as “wacky hijinks, relationship drama, evictions and backyard brawls”  “There’s never a dull moment inside the Manor”.   Enough said.  Again…scary stuff.

Warren and I are both impulsive people.  We usually don’t over-think this type of thing, not since I had cancer last year. We take risks now and enjoy change.  So, in keeping with this philosophy….Who knows until you have tried it.  Life might be short.  This is our time.

What do you think?  Does anyone have any advice?  Does anyone have any recommendations on campgrounds in the USA   and MUST see destinations.   I think the south/east coast will be our first trip?  I’m all ears.  Please weigh in.

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In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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4 Responses to To RV or not to RV? That is the question

  1. cathie says:

    GO FOR IT! Here is a website that lists all the WalMarts in North America Not all of them allow you to park your RV in their parking lot. It states it is up to the store manager and local by-laws. Have fun and be sure to send lots of post cards.

  2. Donna says:

    Sounds like a great plan, it’s something I would love to do also but John is not with me on this one. The coast of California would be my #1 trip as well as Alaska. My cousin has a KOA campground in Parry Sound. Check out the KOA website, it’s amazing the number of them across Canada and USA . Happy RVing if you decide to go for it. And maybe a trip to Bobcaygeon could be your first adventure.

  3. I have found my log-in to comment on your blog!! I may start my own blog at some point.

  4. Northumberland views, btw, is me, cousin Mary!!

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