Not giving up on my hollyhock dream

It is still a dream of mine to create a vast blaze of colour. I want a whole flower bed bursting with bright red, dainty pink, creamy yellow and exquisite burgundy hollyhock blossoms, standing tall in the sunlight.   (deep long sigh)

I tried last year; really tried.     I cleared the land, turned the sod and trucked in nutritious, compost rich soil.   Through repeated clandestine missions (mostly executed in the dark) and plotted like a diamond heist,  I gathered seeds from all of my neighbours plants.  After a month 30 little sprouts had germinated.  These I planted last October.   For added assurance I also sprinkled hundreds and hundreds of hollyhock seeds on top of the soil.

The end results: ……three lousy plants.  (I think).    Hollyhocks are bi-annual flowers so I can only assume these three plants are indeed hollyhocks.    It is possible that they are just massive weeds that I have been watering all summer.


To say that I was disappointed is a huge understatement. BUT….I won’t give up.

I repeated the seed snatch again this summer. Three weeks ago I planted those seeds and I am now waiting for their second set of leaves before I transplant them into the garden.


This morning one of my favourite blogs “Leaf and Twig” posted a beautiful reminder of why I do all this.  Hollyhocks are my dream and its reward will be stunning.    …….

 ………………………………………………..    Just you wait.

Today I am reblogging one of my favourite sites.  “Leaf and Twig” arrives daily.  This morning’s message felt personal.   I have reposted it below in appreciation.   It is called Hollyhock’s Gifts.

Hollyhock's Gift

packaged for next season
a small green purse
contains new beginnings

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In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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3 Responses to Not giving up on my hollyhock dream

  1. Good for you for your persistence. I never realized hollyhocks were so difficult to grow. They grew wild in the field behind my parents’ house, so I just assumed they were low maintenance. I too share your dream of a blaze of hollyhocks. Perhaps I will be able to learn from your experience. Keep going and good luck!

  2. Donna says:

    Hollyhocks are one of my favourite flowers since childhood when they grew in our backyard. I remember being fascinated by the many colours and how the flowers grew up the stem. I look forward to seeing the profusion of colour that will come from your efforts.

  3. margaretmcdonald says:

    Your plants are definitely hollyhocks. They should produce gorgeous blooms next year. Plant seeds next year too so you will have plants in both stages.
    I’m disappointed I didn’t get any photos of hollyhocks n the County this year.

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