Spring clean up

With Warren still out in western Canada (6 weeks and counting) I have had the perfect opportunity to do something about the weight I gained over the winter.  It could have gone either way.  I could have sat on the couch, watching daytime TV and indulged in my favourite guilty pleasures (ice cream, cookies, chips).  Instead I seized the situation and have taken control.   I joined Weight Watches.  Yay!  I’m into week four.

With Warren gone I have total freedom to choose my own foods.  After I finished off the last of the nuts-and-bots the frig was empty and I was ready to do some smart “on-program” grocery shopping.  Its been great.   I’m eating lots but all the right foods. No bread. No wine (this week anyway). There is nothing but good stuff in the house and cheating in the country involves a 15 minute car ride to the nearest convenient store.   Instead I snack on grapes, bananas, oranges, and strawberries.  I know my own weakness and I’ve been planning ahead.  I always have snacks ready at any time such as  hard-boiled eggs.  I have even been pre-cooking extra chicken breasts to ensure I’m never too lazy to make a meal. It’s too easy to make a healthy choice.  Everything is ready when I open the frig.

But that’s not all.  I’m finding it easier to get up and really move.  Maybe it is because I have lost a little weight or maybe I am gradually getting into shape.  For the last four weeks I have been sweating it out in my garden.  Small steps and lots of short breaks but in total  I have picked up one zillion branches from my lawn.  Bend, scoop, pick up and place into the wheel barrow, repeat.

I’ve created my own boot camp and the evidence is starting to show.   Both my yard and I are looking and feeling great.


About westlakemusings

In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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9 Responses to Spring clean up

  1. Kathy says:

    Hey Diane: Good for you. It’s amazing how much we can do to make things work for ourselves when the house is empty. I had the same situation last year when the three guys were out of the house for six weeks. I was DETERMINED to maintain my new schedule that worked so well for me. Unfortunately, I have fallen back into old habits of doing stuff that they could do for themselves, but not quite to the same degree. I have managed to keep a little space for myself. I just have to build on that now.

  2. Donna says:

    Hi Diane – good for you, I am also trying to keep the snacks at bay, celery seems to be working for me and I am cheating a bit by buying already cut up fruit, more expensive but so much easier and you get a variety. Happy Gardening!!!!!!!

  3. Rev. Marilyn Townsend-Smith says:

    Oh Di! that’s awesome. Especially the part about being more mobile and able to move better. And losing weight! Bonus. Keep it up.

  4. warblerific says:

    A friend mentioned that she’s never in better shape than in gardening season, and I agree! All that weeding, shoveling, wheel-barrowing…slowly gets you into shape without even realizing it. Way to go!

  5. Well done, Diane. I like your tip about having healthy snacks on hand. My problem is the snacks I have in the house are jub-jubs and doritos. Glad to hear you’re moving better. I have my own zillion branches, but they’re all still on my lawn. We finally got the mower attached to the tractor (took nearly a full week for us to figure it out), so it’s my job to get out and pick up all of sticks before the husband cuts the grass for the first time. The property is starting to look quite unkempt, so I need to get moving. I’m sure some jub-jubs will give me energy!

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