My destination garden

It’s time I give you an update on my latest gardening project:  my destination garden. What is a destination garden, you ask?  Well, it is similar to a destination wedding.  You have to travel to get there but it is worth the effort.

My new destination garden is just a small speck in the distance as seen from my back patio.  I have drawn a circle where the new beds are located, halfway down the lawn, en route to the woods.  Molly and I walk through this area several times every day on our way to the waterfront.002

In this far away spot it is my goal  to create a surprise haven of serenity where once it was only a boring lawn.

I want to create a new kind of  cooling respite.  Let’s call it a healing garden.  It will rejuvenate any visitors who have the energy to walk back to this secret glade.  I will encourage wildlife and birds by adding in a  bird feeder. Butterflies will come naturally being attracted to the cosmos and zinnias that will grow there.    It will have a bench and offer peace and contemplative qualities.

Lofty goals, I know.  But one has to try.

Slowly over the last four weeks my new destination garden has taken shape.

  1. Two long beds were marked out and rototilled.
  2. Mushroom compost was dug in and the edges were defined.
  3. Numerous perennials from the front yard were transplanted ( irises, lilies, and poppy) and I am just waiting for some of the remaining bulbs to finish before I move them out too.

Next comes the transplanting of the greenhouse babies started from seed in early April.


020(cosmos, cleome)


and some dahlia and calla lily tubers.

015 I have lots of seeds waiting to be planted directly into the soil once any chance of frost has passed.   I have marigolds, zinnias, blackeyed susans, salvia, bachelor’s buttons.  I plan to mix the flowers with a few herbs and vegetables. (Carrots, oregano, coriander/cilantro, sage, beets, beans, leeks,  A potager or kitchen garden.


These gardens won’t hold any of my tomato plants.  They will be closer to the house where I can keep an eye on them and water them daily.

Last summer I enjoyed the wild sweet peas that grew naturally along the property line.  I have added more of these seeds and some morning glory.  My neighbour has lended me a corn crib which I have also dragged over.  I hope I can train these vines to climb up this trellis of wires.  It would be wonderful to have a living wall of blooms to add privacy and shelter to this spot.


To complete my destination gardens I need some little extra  humorous touches.    I plan to move in a few bird feeders.




Check out this neat solar light.  It was made from old crystal glass wear.  Some sexy bling for my garden.


This garden also needs some humour.  These are old china plants glued together to form wacky flowers.


I can visualize it.  It just needs  regular watering, warm sun shine, time and faith.

About westlakemusings

In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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9 Responses to My destination garden

  1. cathie king says:

    that’s really neat Di, I especially like the solar light.

  2. That will be so pretty – I love the idea of a surprise garden, like a fairy garden. And I’ve always liked to put “stuff in my gardens too”. Have fun. It looks like a lot of work but you will get lots of enjoyment out of it.

  3. Donna says:

    I love your garden humour flowers, what a fantastic idea. I am going to search for some old plates,etc and grow my own. Thanks for a great read. Can’t wait to see the fruit of your efforts in your upcoming entries.

  4. I love the idea of a destination garden. I have an English garden fantasy of my own – lots of wild roses, lavender, thyme, a comfy bench, tea on a side table and the buzz of insects to keep me company. I love the whimsy of the china plates!

  5. Lovely post and photos! Your plants look terrific — you must have quite the green thumb! I’m sure your garden will be a special retreat for all who visit — I hope that is especially true for you!

  6. BrianS says:

    Really great ideas! I love the flowers that were made from glued plates. I’ve just discovered your blog from (of all things) doing a search about Cheezies. I was born in Picton, but I live in Toronto now (yes, I remind visitors about not stopping if they’re driving down the hill at Picton’s Main Street), so I know PEC quite well. Hope you’re enjoying your beautiful green space. I’m restricted to a small (but pretty) balcony, so I’m sure you’re loving the peace and quiet of beautiful West Lake. Cheers.

    • Hi Brian: Welcome and thank you for your comments. Yes I love living here now. I am so fortunate to live in this beautiful peaceful part of the world with so many interesting things to do ie wineries, beaches, wild life and theatre. I pinch myself every day.

      • BrianS says:

        Hi there, Yes, you must be loving life in PEC. It’s so quiet and pretty. One of the nicest things is just going for a drive along the old County roads, here and there. My father grew up in the West Lake area, and I remember him talking about the school trip they made to Belleville to see the King & Queen on the 1939 Royal Tour. You must be noticing a lot of tourists in the area, as Sandbanks are always a great hit (too busy on weekends, so I’m hearing). Anyway, enjoy your lovely garden and all of the sunshine! Cheers.

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