Colour choice revisited

Work on our downstairs bathroom continues.  The room has now been gutted.  The old porcelain floor tiles were hammered and shovelled out.   The new drywall has been seamed, mudded and sanded and the new floor has had two coatings of scratch poured.    (cough, cough .. oh the dust!)

It is time to paint the walls before the tilers return for the floor.   Gulp.  We bought the paint.  Benjamin Moore – primer, ceiling colour and walls.  Two hundred dollars worth for three gallons.  $$$ Wow…. not cheap, and not an easy quick decision.   I have stewed over this colour choice.  Thank you for your suggestions.

Two thirds of the blog responses felt that we were going too bold.  Two thirds of the blog responses suggested that our choice of Moroccan Spice might clash with the bright jewel red / yellow and blue in the stain glass window.  Tone it down you said.  You recommended a putty beige to match the cupboards.   Do not use the rusty warm red.

To recap.  This is our colour palette.  The green/gray floor tile, oyster gray cabinet doors,  Tapestry Beige ceiling and the Moroccan Spice walls.    The horizontal back splash tiles are there too. 002

In the end we bravely bought the Moroccan Spice.  We left the store promising each other that we would not point fingers if it didn’t work out.  Scary but we wanted punch.

Last night Warren applied the primer. Next he started on the ceiling with the Benjamin Moore’s  Tapestry Beige OC-32.  Nice colour.  I wonder…..

Without any hesitation, I convinced Warren to continue to paint the walls under the stain glass window and behind the washer/dryer with this same Tapestry Beige colour.   Our new thinking was that we would only apply the Moroccan Spice to one wall as an accent.  But, it looked so nice.  Safe, simple and clean. More discussion and an eleventh hour change of plan.   In the end we decided not to open the can of Moroccan Spice and we continued right through, painting all of the walls and ceiling in  Tapestry Beige.  The room will be calm and quiet with a gray floor, beige walls, black chandelier, black towels and black handles on the oyster beige cupboard doors.   The stain glass will speak alone without competition.  Its done.


A huge weight was lifted from my shoulders.  It was the right thing to do.  I feel so much better.

But what to do with our cans of Moroccan Spice?       humm…. perhaps in the family room.  The walls in the family room were only just painted last April.   Currently they are Benjamin Moore –  Almond Bisque CC-280.    I have never been happy with this choice.  It is too yellowish.  It does not go with the exposed red brick and black accents.

I have been thinking for some time of repainting this room.  I have a small collection of colour choices taped to the wall and I leave them up there to mull over.

Moroccan Spice

Colour samples taped onto wall Colour samples taped onto wall

The room is quite large.  It is two stories high, with a loft.  One whole wall is glass and one is brick.    Maybe two of the walls could be changed.  Again, quite risky, but the Moroccan Spice will match up with the warm red brick and rich pine floors.    I think it can take it.   It will be so cozy.  I think it can take this heat because the room faces north.

Below are pictures of the current family room.


Again,  I seek your suggestions.

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In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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6 Responses to Colour choice revisited

  1. Sandi Nicholls HIll says:

    I quite like the moroccan spice for the room. I know it’s light enough that it can carry it – and you’re really only painting two walls, right? You will know if it’s too much once it’s up. If you don’t like, it’s only paint! What’s the kitchen wall colour that will be seen from the foyer into your great room?

    • From the family room you can see one small kitchen wall. That wall is original exposed brick. The Moroccan Spice family room will look fabulous in contract to this orange/brown/red brick wall.

  2. cathie king says:

    Paint the kitchen wall, (the wall that faces east) the Moroccan Spice.

  3. Nice room! I’m horrible at picking colours, but something warmer will make the room cozy. Good luck with your choice.

  4. Jenn says:

    What the heck do I know about colour? I adore the red, but know its a major pain to paint over! I’m concerned about how the red will work with the leather couches. Have you thought about some richer/deeper brown with an accent of the yellow or orange? Or the other way around? I’m such a scaredy cat and still living with builder beige as we are all open concept here … once you start you have to do the whole house! I’m living through you and can’t wait to see the after pics!

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