Woodland trail in early December



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These beautiful photos were taken by Michael MacLeod   (R.R. Carrying Place, Ontario mmacleod614@gmail.com)


I want you to walk at least one hour every day”. Said my doctor last week.
“It is the best thing for your health and has proven to prevent the return of cancer

I’ve been read the riot act.  Damn.  One hour is too long.  I’ve tried before.  It’s even too long for Molly.  I need a new routine.  A plan.  Every day at 9:30 a.m. I’m heading out to Sandbanks Provincial Park and walking for an hour.  Maybe I will have to work up to this.  You know, add five minutes on every day, but it is going to be the new me.

Tuesday morning Warren came with me.  That was a rare event but very nice.  We took the trail from Lakeshore Lodge down to the beach.  It was beautiful and fun to have his company.  Time spent actually walking:  25 minutes

On Wednesday it was just Molly and me.  We hiked in from the road and circled through Richardson’s Campground.    We were sheltered from the roaring wind.  I could hear the thunder of crashing waves blowing up onto the beach.  It had been a good choice to go in land today. It was still and quiet among the abandoned picnic tables. The sky was dark and gloomy.  I would have felt lonely if not for Molly’s company.   She poked her big nose into piles of leaves and sniffed around every fire pit, rooting out the scent of long gone animals.  The walk was challenging.  It involved three steep hills.  Even Molly was dragging her feet on the return trip.  I could hear her nails scrapping against the asphalt.   Time spent actually walking: 35 minutes

Thursday the back of my legs were achy. Molly refused to climb into the truck and come with me.  I went alone.  This time I headed to the Woodland Campground.  Thankfully it was sunny.  I was in land again but the water was close by and the sparkling sunrays shone through the tree trunks and warmed my face and shoulders.  It was level walking and this time I followed a groomed trail.  On both sides of me were open meadows of tall grasses, sumach and milkweed pods.  It felt great to be out there.  In no time at all my stiff muscles had loosen and I felt invigorated.  I was a better person for having exercised.  Time spent actually walking: 35 minutes

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, today…..I haven’t gone.  Oh, I’ve walked the dog twice a day, but those outings only take 15 minutes.  Obviously I’m no where near the one hour goal. I have no excuse.  I’m just lazy.  Instead of doing something about it,  I sit here blogging about it.  Pathetic.  

Help.  I need a companion.  A gentle, sympathetic but committed positive force to encourage me to get up and going.  Someone who can talk to me while we walk together and stretch that hour out.  They would be the brown sugar in my teaspoon of medicine.

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In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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9 Responses to Woodland trail in early December

  1. Sandi Nicholls says:

    I hear you ! What if you were to break them into two thirty minute segments? I have a heck of a time (mentally & physically) doing the hour but no probs with the thirty. Just a thought ;). Mind you, if I lived closer we could be great walking partners and solve the worlds problems at the same time LOL

  2. Come on down here. Bring your snowshoes and long johns, though. We’ve got a foot of snow – feel that calorie burn as you clamber up snowbanks and maintain your balance on icy streets!
    I agree with your above commenter, Sandi – break it down to 2 or 3 segments. An hour is tough to do without company (of the non-canine variety). Hope you can find someone locally – I’ve tried to invite other stay at home moms to walk with me, but there were no takers.

  3. An hour is a long time, and physically taxing even to those who haven’t been through illness and treatment. I think your plan to work up to it is a good one.

  4. susan says:

    One foot in front of the other. No point in arguing with yourself about why you don’t want or can’t do it. You can always find a reason for doing something else. Someone told me once that you NEVER regret it when you actually do some kind of exercise, but are usually regretful of NOT doing it. This has helped me many times when I have an argument with myself about whether I should or shouldn’t. Walking Molly 2 times per day for 15 minutes = 30 minutes. You’re half way there!

    • Thats a positive spin on it. I already do at least 30 minutes a day (15 x 2). If I just add 5 minutes on each walk…. that would be quite an accomplishment.
      Thanks Sue. You are my inspiration.

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