December 8th – Rogaine Report

Well, it has now been 38 days since I started my Rogaine / 2% Minoxidil treatments. Twice a day I have faithfully used the eye dropper and squirted 1 ml of the clear watery liquid onto the top of my head.  Easy… no irritation. Nothing to report there.

Do I notice a difference?  Well….. maybe it is only wishful thinking, but I think it is a little thicker.  Just ever so slightly improved.   Please remember that we are only hoping to improve the volume of my hair and regrow new hair shafts.   We are not here to talk about the sad quality of my hair.  That still sucks.  It is still fuzzy and has absolutely no body or bounce.  There is little in the way of shine and no elasticity. That has not improved at all. 

It is difficult to measure the volume of my hair because I have lost a lot of hair over the last month. Yes – my old hairs are falling out.  I have read that shedding is a common occurrence in the early days of Rogaine use. Nevertheless, it is very upsetting because I don’t have any extras to lose. I noticed this hair loss in the shower. The suds from my shampoo held a significant number of loose hairs laddering between my fingers. Later, when I gave my hair a gentle pinch and pull I was finding about five or six little hairs left between my fingers. Yikes! So sad…

Anyway… I’m carrying on for at least four more months of treatment.

I don’t have any scientific method of measuring the regrowth. To do that I would need Warren and a magnifying glass to carefully count out the number of hair follicles in a one inch area of my scalp. That’s not going to happen. With out even asking I know his answer will be “NO”. Instead we will just have to rely on a visual comparison. Below if a photo of the front of my head 38 days ago. Compare that with the photo I took today.


Nov 1

November 1

December 8

December 8


I’ve got kind of a comb over going on here so it is difficult to really tell.

What do you think?

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In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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6 Responses to December 8th – Rogaine Report

  1. It’s hard to tell with the different lighting, but I think it looks thicker. I’d be compulsive about checking, but that hair counting thing would be a pain! Thanks for sharing your news – wishing you more success over the next few months as well!

  2. Looks thicker to me. You’ll have a better idea by the end of this month. 🙂

  3. Sandi Nicholls says:

    DEFINATELY THICKER !!!! Both Glenn and I think this 🙂 We’ll let you know for sure when we see you next week xo

  4. Donna says:

    Hi Diane: A big YES – its look thicker. Please don’t be discouraged, and John agrees with me that it looks thicker. Thanks for keeping us updated because we are all behind you.

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