Note to neighbours

Dear Neighbours:

You’re probably wondering when we will start to do something with our fallen leaves.  Yes,  I’ve noticed that our lawn is  buried in at least  8 inches of leaves, and yes, the wind has blown a mountain of our leaves over to your place.  Sorry about that.  

The thing is our John Deere lawn tractor broke on Friday, just as we were hooking up our new Cyclone Rake.  That’s the godsend of a machine we picked up in Connecticut last week.    This super-elastomer baby can withstand tremendous stress without damage.  It can fly over tall buildings and completely clear off all lawn debris with a single application.  Actually ours has a 200 gallon capacity so it will require a few dumps in the woods.  The thing is… I don’t think we can clean up our lawn without this machine.  It would kill us.  The task is too over whelming. 

Leaves on the front yard… oh my!


Leaves around the back yard – OMG!!


Bare with us.  The lawn tractor mechanic who is looking at our John Deere hopes to have it back on its wheels by  mid-next week.  That’s when we will go into high gear and whip those leaves into submission.  Yes sir. 

Yours sincerely

Your lazy neighbour who refuses to pick up a rake

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In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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5 Responses to Note to neighbours

  1. Just tell them you are into natural lawn care. Whatever that means. We have 6 acres. There is no way in hell we are going to rake that. We let them all fall, then we mow them to mulch them. And we’re done. Love the colours on your trees – we didnt get much colour this year – it was so dry most of the summer that I think the leaves just gave up and fell before they turned colour.

  2. This is the letter we’d get from my neighbor:

    Dear Neighbor,
    Your lawn smells like a rotting compost heap. It’s a mockery of 1950s lawns everywhere. Please rake.
    Your anal-retentive, compulsive lawn care neighbor who waters his lawn until the sprinklers freeze shut and has enough chemicals on his lawn that his dog has gone bald

    PS Could you do something about that bow and arrow shooting hooligan in your backyard?

  3. Rev. Marilyn says:

    A bow and arrow shooting hooligan ain’t nothing on a canon blasting neighbour! Love the leaves. They’re beautiful. This is called rural living. Don’t worry about the leaves. Love the new photo.

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