We’re back!!!

Our mini holiday is over.  We are safely back home on firm ground.  The trip can be considered a success because:

  1. We made it all the way to Connecticut and picked up our new Cyclone Rake. That was the real purpose of the trip. ( I will write more about our new leaf collector in a future blog) http://www.cyclonerake.com/index.htm
  2. Molly and Warren survived the trip and got three good night’s sleep on the road.

On a scale of 1 – 10,  I would rate this mini vacation at a 4.  We survived and no one got hurt. 

Poor Molly.  In spite of a generous dose of Bio-Calm with her meals and wearing the Thundershirt when in the truck, she still panted all the way down to Connecticut and back.  She refused to relax and lie down in the back seat and ended up sitting for four hours each day. 

This is Molly panting in the back seat in spite of wearing the Thundershirt

Before leaving, I looked on-line for dog friendly hotels.  Some say they are dog friendly but then they put a 20 pound weigh restriction on the dog (oh please)  or charge a hundred-dollar special fee for room clean up.  (What a rip-off)  We were fortunate to have booked two nights at a nice hotel in Utica, New York.   “The Red Roof Inn” gave us a generous sized ground-floor room which opened onto a lovely green space.   I was able to give Molly lots of fresh air and exercise while we stayed there. It also came with a frig and microwave which made our meals a little easier.  While in Connecticut we stayed at a “Hotel 6”.  It was clean but very plain and basic.  Again we were on the ground floor and the outdoors was easily accessible.

Since we didn’t want to leave Molly alone in the car or in a strange hotel room, we didn’t take any additional excursions or stop to shop.  We ate all of our meals in the hotel room. For that reason I couldn’t say this trip was fun.   I think Warren was secretly pleased with our stay-in-the-hotel-room life style because this allowed him to watch hours and hours of the post-season baseball games being played this week.


I enjoyed traveling through the mountains.  The leaves were beautiful.  Our little experiment was a success.  We proved that if we wanted to get away for a few days it is possible.   Yay Molly!!  You are quite the little traveller.  What a good girl you have been.


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In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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7 Responses to We’re back!!!

  1. Too bad Molly wasn’t able to relax more, but nice to know that you can get away, eh? Molly is my youngest kid’s name – and she doesn’t settle much in the car either, she is much too hyper.

  2. Welcome back. I think I would like a Thundershirt and some Bio-calm. And someone to drive me around.

    My dog hated riding in the car and would spend any trip sitting next to me, with his nose stuffed behind my back. Comforting for him, not so comfortable for me! He was a medium dog, so we spent a lot of time smuggling him in and out of hotel rooms!

  3. Donna says:

    Welcome HOME. You accomplished what you set out to do, congratulations. The experiment was a success.

  4. Rev. Marilyn says:

    Sounds like another plan is in order. Glad you enjoyed the beautiful colours and the drive through the mountains.

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