A drive around our block

It was 5 pm – Warren and I left the pork roast in the oven at a low temperature and we headed over to Koopman’s Auction barn  for a peek at  the items up for auction.  Although there was nothing appealing  this time to bring us back for the sale at 6:30 it was not a wasted trip.  We were just 5 minutes down the road and it  was nice to be together, out on a little excursion. 

The late afternoon sun was shining through my car window and the world looked perfect.  We decided to stay in the car a few minutes longer and drive around the block. (so to speak).  We passed our house, continued on County Road 12 and into Sandbanks Provincial Park for a little look around. The county road winding through the park was very quiet especially considering it was a Friday night.   All the parking lots were empty and the park store closed. No one seemed to be hiking or using the trails.   Deeper into the camping area we did come across a score of hardy visitors with their tents set up and fires already burning..  They had the choicest of spots – right on the water’s edge.  The down side of these beautiful beach sites is that you are ankle-deep in sand all weekend. 

 We drove on farther to the end of the park and looked back on Outlet Beach.  It was still and empty. 

An empty Outlet Beach – 5 pm

The sun at that point was just starting to set.  It was stunning, like a tropical paradise but without the scorching heat.

Three minutes later, we were already back in our own driveway.  What a beautiful drive around the block.

About westlakemusings

In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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7 Responses to A drive around our block

  1. cathie king says:

    WOW… I’m impressed that you would cook a roast on a Friday.

  2. Great pictures – I wish I lived on a “block” like that!

  3. I immediately thought of PEC when I read your site name and thought it must be a different west lake, but no 🙂 Your header photo is so beautiful as are these pictures. Pleasure “meeting” you!

  4. Rev. Marilyn says:

    Nothing like a gorgeous sunset to make you feel “rapture”.

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