Cheering on 1625

We went back to the Picton Fair.  It was so enjoyable on Friday night that we decided to return to cheer on Jordan Courtney, who was entered in the demolition derby.  The weather was fabulous; fresh and cool after the hard rain and gusty winds of Saturday.  It was the kind of day that gives you energy and puts a smile on your face. 

We got off to a wonderful start, being entertained by the 4H club playing  musical chairs with their young goats and lambs.  In stead of using chairs this game involved rubber tires laid out in a circle.   When the music stopped each 4H member and their animal scrambled to a tire.  Like musical chairs the last one standing without their foot in a tire was out of the game.   It was hilarious to watch.  These cute baby lambs and goats were not always cooperative and no amount of pulling or coaching on their leads would get them moving quickly. 

4 H members lead their young goats and lambs through a hilarious game of musical tires

Going to a fair necessitates eating lots of junk food.  Today we scoffed down a couple of corn dogs with chocolate mint fudge for desert.   

Corndogs. Watch out for those wasps!

OK,  time now for the big show: the demolition derby.  The grandstand filled to capacity.  Obviously this is a crowd pleaser.

Waiting for the show to begin

Demolition cars have lots of safety requirements. All glass must be removed and the doors welded shut.  The gas tanks must also be removed.  On hand in case of a trouble was the Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services.  

Here is the car we are cheering for:  Number 1625, driven by Jordan Courtney.  Jordan is a local boy who has been helping Warren with his renovation projects.  This kid is a wild story-teller, who would never-say-never to a challenge.   He is extremely personable with charm to spare. ……………………… “Go Jordan Go” .  (But please be safe, says the mother in me)

Jordan’s car # 1625

  Wow.. I had never watched anything like this before.   It was both thrilling and heart stopping. Thankfully no one got hurt and I did not witness any unsportsmanlike behavior.  It was all in the name of fun. 

One popular driving strategy was to back into your opponent at as high a speed as you can muster. Hit from the rear and save your front end as long as possible. Also effective was the group gang up, hitting one car on all sides at once.  A few cars were flipped.   At times two cars would ram together and get stuck like mating insects.  Rear axles were twisted and wheels sprained at odd angles.  The cars with front wheel drive were able to live a few moments longer and drag their broken rear ends back into the action.  There was lots of smoke and steaming engines, grinding gears and the continuous spinning wheels.  Some favourites were like zombies refusing to die.   It was any mother’s nightmare, but you couldn’t take your eyes away. 

Jordan entered into two heats but the car was never really up for the second fight.  It was over quickly.  A brave and valiant effort but car # 1625 had to be carried off the field in the end.   

That’s it.  The fair shut down shortly after the final demolition match.   The fair is over until next year.  What an  awesome afternoon.

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In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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3 Responses to Cheering on 1625

  1. We missed the demolition derby this year – good old fashioned redneck fun.. My husband used to drive in them as a teenager. It is always the highlight of the fair in Napanee, if only for the people watching.

  2. Donna says:

    Soooo much fun – memories for me at a young age of going to the Woodbridge Fair which was held on Thanksgiving weekend. Great pictures – I love junk food. Somehow, its okay to have junk food when you are at the fair.

  3. Rev. Marilyn says:

    Fair time has just begun around here. We were at the Petrolia fair to watch the demolition derby. Junk food and fun. Next one will be the Forest fair next weekend. I fair time.

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