A full day of taking the “Roads Not Taken”

On Monday we said goodbye to Cathy and Phil from Kamloops; washed the guest room sheets and welcomed in our next visitor – my dear friend Marilyn from Sarnia.  We have more company this summer than Best Western.  Having had non stop guests has necessitated some planning on our part. We have developed a bit of a routine.   For guests staying more than two days we like to take them on a little road trip and show them the highlights of Prince Edward County.  There are many stops on our tour that just can’t be missed:

  • a visit to the world’s largest bay mouth sand dunes (Sandbanks) and West Lake beach
  • a drive through the quaint villages of Cherry Valley and Milford while enjoying the  beautiful farm land dotted with heritage homes
  • a visit to one of the countless art galleries – preferably one with interesting architecture (ie Mad Dog Gallery)
  • pick up some fresh cheese and have an ice cream cone at the Black River Cheese factory
  • drive up Morrison Point Road with its lovely old stone fences and view of South Bay
  • wine tasting at Waupoos Estate Winery
  • sip some local apple cider on the patio overlooking Waupoos Island
  • marvel at Lake on the Mountain and enjoy the breathtaking visa out over the cliffs, pointing out the Glenora ferry  far below.

Of course each trip is a little different;  the visitors change, new stories and fun experiences happen,  but our tour was getting a bit stale.  It was time to shake things up a bit.   So… when it came time to take Marilyn on a “Scenic”, I decided to check out all of those little roads, the unknown beaches, and places I had never stopped at before.      It was a day of taking the road less travelled. 

Packed with two folding chairs, our bathing suits and a picnic lunch we headed out.   Instead of going to the Sandbanks beach we explore Point Petre.  This is where the locals go to party.   It is free  and not under the  diligent stewardship of Ontario Provincial Parks.    You can drive right up to the water.  It is wild, empty and beautiful.   No one was around,  just us and the waves, sparkling water and lots of sun shine.     I will definitely be going back there.

Point Petre shore line

On we continued with our day of new adventures.  This time, I frequently backed the car up and took secondary roads.  For example, I learned that Storms Road is far better than County Road 16, if you want to experience a twisty steep lovely short cut.   Instead of whizzing past, this time we stopped at the Duke of Marysburgh restaurant.  I had been curious about this road side pub for some time.  Great food!  We enjoyed a very delicious lunch. 

 Again, instead of sitting in the car and just looking around, we actually got out and walked through the Waupoos marina.  It was well worth leaving the comfort of our air conditioned car.   There was lots to see, such as a  historic Cannery Row.  Out on display were many museum pieces – artifacts from the days when the canning factories  thrived on the island.    

At the Waupoos Marina is another restaurant called The Blue Moose Cafe.  It  has got to be the most beautiful settling in the entire world for breakfast or lunch.  Tables are set up outside under the trees, right at the waters edge.  Your view is of  the sail  boats docked at the marina, the blue waters of Smith’s Bay and the green hills of Waupoos Island in the distance.    Fabulous!    We weren’t hungry at that time but we returned the next morning for breakfast.  Birds were chirping, the water sparkled and it was heavenly.   Let me tell you,  this place is unbelievable.  Please try it. 

At the Waupoos Estate Winery we walked  behind the tasting room, down a long drive way to the waters edge.   The winery has its own docks for visiting boaters.  We watched a small group board their dingy and motor out to their waiting sail boat.   Waupoos Winery also has a  lovely dining room and  banquet facilities located by the water.  What an amazing place to hold a wedding. 

Dock at Waupoos Estate Winery

Waupoos Estate Winery’s dock

 Last, on our day of taking the road less traveled was our ride on the Glenora  ferry across Picton Bay into Adolphustown.   What fun and it is free. 

Mare (Marilyn) and I  had a wonderful day.  It is always special for me to be with my dear old friend but being together and trying new things added to our adventure.

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In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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1 Response to A full day of taking the “Roads Not Taken”

  1. Rev. Marilyn says:

    I can heartily agree that being with you is always special for me, but this new adventure with you was breathtaking and wonderful. Thank you my dear friend. Until the next adventure! Marilyn

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