Mr Consistent Dresser gets a new cap

This is a true story.  I have not included any names, but everyone knows who “Mr Consistent Dresser” is. 

Once upon a time, there was a clever man who had very particular way of dressing.  It never changed.  He owned multiple numbers of the same clothes, in the same style and colour.   For 7 days a week. 12 months of the year, regardless of the occasion, he always looked the same.  He found this method of dressing to be most efficient and reliable.  Let’s call him “Mr. Consistent Dresser” (MCD)

Marks Work Warehouse was his only store.  Always light acid wash blue jeans, always running shoes, the same colour of gray socks, always a T-shirt – usually pale yellow and never, never with a collar.  His trade mark “look” involved a thick pair of dark blue suspenders. Yes, you read that correctly.   You see, MCD  had no bum and suspenders were the only way he could guarantee that his pants stayed up.   Topping of the total look was his cap.  Usually it was green with Burnt River embroidered on the brow.   You could pick MCD out of a crowd from 100 metres.  He was unmistakable.  His look  never, never changed and to love him was to accept the total package.

This story is about MCD’s  hat.

Many years ago, when the hamlet of Burnt River was celebrating its 170th anniversary they made a commemorative hat.  It was green, embroidered with an image of rail road tracks and the letters Burnt River across the brow.   It was a hit at the time and many people from the area picked one up.   Mr Consistent Dresser (MCD) loved his Burnt River hat and he contacted the manufacturer  and bought large supplies of them.  Boxes with 30 hats at a time.  This ensured he always had a fresh one and enough to hand out to his friends when they visited him in the area. 

When MCD moved to the hamlet of West Lake there was a dilemma.  He needed a new hat.  Not just a hat but also a new design for the brow.   

Mr CD sought the help of his artist friend John, who quickly came up with several designs.  One design was selected and off MCD went to another manufacturer of tourism apparel and “Voilà!”…… home comes a large box filled with new West Lake hats.   

Some things never change.

About westlakemusings

In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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