Who’s in for a game of Gravitas?

I’m into this new game.  Its called Gravitas. It has proven to be perfect for entertaining.  There is no board, dice or score keeping, just interesting, provocative, sometimes amusing and often revelling discussion. 

The game comes in a box with 143 cards (three questions per card) totalling 429 really good questions.  There is no right or wrong answer to these questions.    They all require some thought, or reflection but you can answer them any way you wish.   

Alan Gratias, a resident of Prince Edward County developed the game.  You can buy it in all sorts of stores in Toronto and Picton, or on-line.   www.gravitasthegame.com

Starting today, I am going to post two Gravitas questions in this blog every Thursay for the next few weeks.  In turn, please share these questions with your friends and family and report back in the comment section your best answers.  Each Thursday I will award a prize to the best answer, as judged by me and my advisers. 

Here we go.  ….  This week’s questions are:  (Answer either question or both…..)

  • What is the best thing you have ever found?
  • What takes your breath away?

Go ahead and access your inner reserves of wisdom, insight and savoir faire.

 To learn more, to test your inner wisdom (your Gravitas Quotient) and other interesting stuff please visit  www.gravitassing.com


About westlakemusings

In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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5 Responses to Who’s in for a game of Gravitas?

  1. alan gratias says:

    the best thing I have ever found is a crumbling loyalist house at the water’s edge at the eastern reach of an island county in Ontario. Over the years I have become addicted to ruins because they represent the opportunity of renewal and the lure of starting over again. Let’s face it, everything and everyone is in some state of disintegration.

  2. alan gratias says:

    what takes my breath away is two fox cubs cavorting a few feet away on my pool deck. Weeks old, they had no fear of humans and weren’t it for Mother, herding them away, they might have joined us for cocktails

  3. The best thing(s) I have ever found are home decor treasure at second-hand stores. 1) Our mid-century modern 7 piece dining set for $500 (!) at HFH Re-Store 2) my vintage Hollywood Regency champagne bucket thingy from an estate sale down the street 3) my pair of Palm-beach-fabulous gold stacked-globe lamps from Value Village for $10. I had a heart attack with that one.

    I’ve accumulated lots of great second-hand finds over the years, but those three consistently fill my heart with glee.

  4. Donna & John says:

    The best thing I have ever found was/is FRIENDSHIP.
    What takes my breath away is when I answer the phone and I here “HI Grandma”.
    Driving on a high, long bridge over water leaves me breathless.

    • Congratulations to John and Donna. You have won this week’s Gravitas game. As a prize for your contribution I have a copy of the Gravitas game, which I will deliver tomorrow.

      For everyone else, check out tomorrow’s blog for another game and another opportunity to share your wisdom.

      Thank you everyone who contributed.


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