Life is a Holiday

Sorry I have not been keeping up with my blog.  I have been busy living life like a holiday.  Warren says retirement is not a holiday.  I say “La la la la…… pass that wonderful cheese over this way, please and fill up my wine glass”.    Perhaps I’m on the rebound, coming out of the year from hell,  but I’m really enjoying myself now. 

Two weeks ago, Warren installed our pulsating tropical rainforest of a shower into the new upstairs bathroom, (pics on this to follow in another post).  We officially moved upstairs into our master bedroom and put away our renovation tools, for the time being.  (metaphorically speaking, since I don’t do any of the actual construction work).  Seconds later, our first set of guests rolled in and we haven’t pulled up yet.    I have been wining, dining and tour guiding for fourteen days. 

Our first “guest” was a visit from our son.  The three of us hit the Great Canadian Cheese Festival in Picton.  At the gate they handed us our individual thermo carry-all bags which contained twenty coupons each and a wine glass. The coupons were used to cash in sample libations of wine, beer and of course cheese.    There are over 33 wineries, and two craft breweries within a 10 mile ratios of our house.   This festival provided us with the perfect opportunity to sample and compare; to really find out what we preferred.    umm num mm  excellent!     I  developed a bit of a Sunday afternoon hangover but it was worth the sacrifice. 

I also learned a lot that afternoon about cheese.  There is a whole new world to sample out there of pungent, sweet/tangy variations..  Some are creamy smooth. Some are crumbly and grainy and some have an enjoyable chewy leather rind.  OMG  good stuff.

In the end, I discovered four delicious new wines.  I have made further excursions to their wineries and picked up lots and lots of bottles to last me through the summer, or at least the month.   My favourites are:

  • The Pinot Gris from Casa – Dea Estate Winery
  • A Riesling from Rosehall Run Vineyard
  • A Cabernet Franc from Stanners Vineyard
  • and a white wine called Great Leggs, made by Waupoos Estate Winery

The County is just a plethora of locally grown road side fruits and vegetables.  The strawberries are to die for this year.   Warren recently picked up a little ice cream maker at the Proctor Silex factory outlet in Picton .  Yesterday he made fresh from my garden rhubarb ice cream.  Today’s project will be strawberry sorbet.  yum yum.

This whole island is brimming with little gourmet shops producing craft homemade breads, fresh pies, brownies, and delicious jams.  Everything is made by hand and in small batches. It also makes entertaining so easy.    It’s paradise here!!


About westlakemusings

In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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