The last week has been crazy busy for me as we had the final push to move out of our Toronto home and into our new West Lake residence.  It is all done now.  The moving van has been returned.  The new owners have their keys.   There is  still a lot of work to be done as we struggle to find a new spot for all of our “stuff” but at least we are now down to one residence. 

For obvious reasons, I did not have time to blog, but I did take numerous photos throughout the week of the continuing activity with my garden and Warren’s construction.  In my mind I even thought out some titles for my future blogs, such as “Wild about Wisteria”.     

Imagine my shock this morning when checking out one of my favourite blogs called “A Detailed House” and seeing her title: “Wild For Wisteria”.   What? No way!  

While I was packing and unpacking and tripping over boxes, I was scooped.   Darn!!   To see lots of beautiful wisteria vines read this    Anyway, well done “A Detailed House”.    But watch out for me next year.  I will be sure to post mine before you.  Maybe before mine even blooms. 

Never the less – here is a picture of my garage covered in beautiful wisteria.  Lovely isn’t it?  I have never owned a wisteria vine before and I am delighted with mine.  I walked each and ever workman over to the garage to be sure they saw its magnificent beauty.  They probably thought I was deranged but my wisteria was awe inspiring. 

In spite of our number one priority this week, we had lots of other pots on the boil.  For example Warren finished the foundation on his garage.  Yup.  The place was swarming with men and their trucks again.  For three days we had a crew here sitting on the hot reflective surface and knotting in the wiring for a heated garage floor. 

Can you say sunburn? When that backbreaking job was done the cement truck returned and buried the evidence.  Warren will be quite warm and comfortable in there this winter. 

Meanwhile,  I planted my first ever vegetable garden.  Twenty-four little tomato plants grown from seed, with plastic yogurt containers inserted into the soil around each little stem to keep the cut worms away.  Each plant has a tomato cage to grown up inside and lots of mulch protecting them from weeds.  I snaked a soaker hose up and down the rows for easy watering.   Impressive eh?  I also planted about thirty little onion bulbs, and as many leeks, scarlet runner beans, squash, basil, oregano, dill, rosemary, coriander, carrots and beets.  I also planted in every conceivable location available all of my cleone, cosmos, bee balm, sun flowers and morning glory plants.  Each baby sprout was lovingly given an apron of mulch.  The morning glory and runner beans have nice little tresses to climb up.  I think they will be very happy.

About westlakemusings

In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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8 Responses to Scooped!

  1. Great minds think alike!! I’m crazy for wisteria and have never had it before either! Yours is gorgeous!!! I’ll definitely wait until *after* you post next year to write about it … Nothing worse than getting scooped! BTW – Molly is adorable – her face and eyes remind me of my Lucy 🙂

  2. Deb Williams says:

    Good morning Diane from sunny Fort St James BC. West Lake must be in my thoughts as. I called Warren yesterday thinking that I was calling the insurance Co. and then to see your incredible wisteria blossoming in the picture , Thank-you I needed that! I have seen three moose, eagles. two bears, a fox, both my sons and have hugged my grandson copiously!
    Coffee is ready so I will bid you s good morning and talk to you soon, Thanks for this morning’s lifeline to home. Debbie

  3. acitygirlscountrydream says:

    i am hoping that Wisteria you are so in love with is the non-invasive type. I think it is beautiful also but I had to get rid of it in my yard as it was choking all my trees and trying to take over

    • Thanks for the warning. I have never heard of this, yet mine is rather robust. I will keep an eye on it.

      • acitygirlscountrydream says:

        Japanese wisteria will twine clockwise around its host Chinese wisteria will twine counter-clockwise.

        The stem of Japanese wisteria is white Chinese wisteria.has dark gray bark

        wisteria plants can survive for more than 50 years. is highly aggressive and sizable trees have been killed by vining wisteria. When these large trees are killed, it opens the forest floor to sunlight, which allows seedlings to grow and flourish.

        don’t plant a wisteria near your house as it can ruin your foundation.

        I believe Chinese is the worst one

      • Thank you for educating me on this plant. I had no idea wisteria was this aggressive and damaging. By your description, I know now that I have the chinese variety. (gray stem) …NO!!!! – it is just so beautiful!!
        Having read your email, my husband is now eager to take the thing down, especially when it is climbing up the garage wall and he is currently adding an addition to the building. It will be quite an arguement to get him to hold off and see if we can manage this plant through regular trimmings.

  4. I hope it helps. As I said I think it is beautiful also but I have spent a couple thousand dollars cutting down trees it killed. Keep a close eye on it

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