Hawkins’ Cheezies

I live in Cheezie territory.  The W.T. Hawkins Cheezies plant is located in Belleville, which is our closest “big town”.  

I have held an interest in the W.T. Hawkins Cheezies Company since late January.  At that time I listened to an interesting CBC radio interview with Ken Hawkins (grandson to one of the founders).  Ken Hawkins currently runs the company. 

Two Americans founded the company in 1949.  W.T. Hawkins was a Chicago confectionwer.  James E. Marker was a farmer with an idea.  He invented a machine which took cornmeal and extrudered it into small sticks.  At the time he was looking for a way to preserve corn year round for his cattle.  Together these men went into business.    The cornmeal concoction were fried in oil and coated in powdered cheddar cheese. 

  They set up their plant in Tweed Ontario.   When that plant closed due to a fire in 1956, they rebuilt in Belleville.  Cheezies are their sole product.

For 62 years this little plant has been battling the giant competitors. Cheezies are the original, but there are many rival impersonators, for example: Cheetos made by Frito-Lay / PepsiCo.    I gather it is difficult for Cheezies to get shelf space in many of the large supermarket chains.   They are squeezed out by the billion dollar competitors.     Fortunately the Cheezies brand has some real faithful followers. For example, apparently it is hot stuff in Newfoundland.  (who knew?)   Everyone in Belleville and surrounding Picton, Bay of Quinte area seem to be loyal fans.  I think they are good employers as well. Apparently they have many very long-term employees.  During their peak busy season (spring/summer) they have approxately 100 people in their Belleville plant. 

Just last week, Warren and I made a point of driving to their plant. I wanted to check it out and hopefully visit their on-site store.  I had visions of picking up a whole carton to share among family and friends.  Who doesn’t love Cheezies? They are made from real cheddar cheese.  It’s a perfect snack, even if it does turn your fingers bright orange.  To our great disappointment there was no store.   Actually the old white building did not even have a sign.  (what’s with that?)   We asked a pleasant hair-netted woman in the parking lot and she confirmed that “yes – this was the W.T. Hawkins Cheezie plant” and “No -they did not sell them on site”.  ):     I went away quite disappointed.  It seemed like low hanging fruit to improve their marketing and consequent sales.  Start with a sign. Geesh ….                                                                                                                                                                  This is a picture of their plant .  Unimpressive eh?    

Anyway, what a coincidence to read in today’s paper that one of the founders – James E Marker,  died on Tuesday.  He was 90 years old.

 So,  in honour of this inventor, who had faith in his product and the courage to invest in Belleville;  who provided a livelihood to many people in this area, and who has given the world a delicious bright orange little snack …. I say “Thank You Mr. James E Marker”.      I hope you legacy continues for many many years to come.      May you rest in peace.

For more information on the W.T. Hawkins Cheezies Company check out www.cheezies.com

Post-script:    I was just listening to another radio interview (CJBQ Belleville radio 800 AM) and they explained why W.T. Hawkins Cheezies doesn’t have a sign on their plant.  Apparently they are trying to be low-key to keep away the unions.  “Everyone who needs to know where the plant is, does.”   They intentionly do not want to advertise their location. .. hmmm  quaint approach.

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In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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4 Responses to Hawkins’ Cheezies

  1. Dan Ralph says:

    Like so many other Canadians, I’ve been a loyal Hawkins Cheezie fan for most of my life. I was wondering what their plant was like. This Picture may not be exactly a plant tour, but it’s likely as close as I’ll ever get. I’ve been down in the U.S. upon occasion and folks have talked about bringing snack foods to an occasion. When I bring out the Hawkins those who are unfamiliar with them inevitably curl their upper lip and politely ask what kind of animal excreted those…. things? It usually doesn’t require more than one or two before we have another convert who is now eagerly asking where they can buy them. Then comes the kicker that tickles me no end; “Only in Canada chum, only in Canada.”

  2. Emanuel Smedbøl says:

    I’m from BC and I love Cheezies. Won’t eat any other kind. And also, ha! I google mapped their location easily enough. They must not have a high regard for the intelligence of union organizers

  3. Angela Medwid says:

    Thanks for your Hawkins Cheezies review! I first tasted these Cheese Snacks when I was a child at my grandfather’s store in rural Manitoba. Those bright orange & navy bags have not changed since then; that and the fact that you can see the snacks through the transparent orange packaging make them even more enticing to this day! I am such a fan of this snack that it is basically the only thing I crave when I want a salty hit. While living in NY studying for my Master’s degree, I made sure to bring bags down with me to tide me over until my next trip back to ON to get some more. My American friends hated them, preferring the orange cardboard-like (and flavorless) texture of Cheetos. I truly did not care because I just thought, “more for me.” LOL Thoughts of a true Hawkins fan I am sure.

  4. Jan Kaatz says:

    Please……WHY….WHY,,… can I no longer get the large bag with the many sleeves with cheezies?????? I shop in Winnipeg, 2 hours from where I live in the country, and the store (Superstore), I use to get the massive bag of cheezies no longer carries them. I always buy many of the HUGE bags. Why are there no longer any available??????? The store has no answers!
    PLEASE ANSWER ME!!!!!!!!!

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