Hot and Steamy, deux

As some of you from work know, I’m all about the stats.   I love statistics and computations.  It use to be part of my job.  To my delight, provides me with hourly/daily / weekly / monthly summaries of my blog’s activity.  It is really cool. 

For instance,  I know that since my blog started three weeks ago, I have had 205 viewers.  Between April 18 and today these viewers come from three countries

57 from Canada

4 from USA

2 from the Republic of Korea

Korea how cool is that!

The heaviest traffic came this past Sunday April 22.   I had 38 viewers on one day.  A 36.17% increase (just in case you were wondering. ha ha)

If I could determine why my blog was so successful last Sunday, I could use that information to increase readership everyday.    Perhaps the obvious reason was that Sunday was a day off work for most people and they had more time on their hands.  A second possible reason might be that it was pissing down rain and very cold on Sunday.   Everyone was indoors and bored.    A third possible explanation might be the title of Sunday’s post.  “Hot and Steamy”.  Ah-ha!   What does that say about my viewers?  Looking for something sexy to read, uh?

Today’s blog is something of an experiment.   It is called “Hot and Steamy, Deux”.   I will share the viewing stats with you again if they spike. 

PS – Who ever you are….. thanks for checking in


About westlakemusings

In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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4 Responses to Hot and Steamy, deux

  1. Rev. Marilyn says:

    Just got caught up from April 3rd (Matthew and Molly out romping) to today. It’s great fun to read. I love the quote about life beginning the moment we decide it’s up to us. But why do so many outside influences deter us from doing what we want? Right now I can barely catch my breath. You’ve done an incredible amount of outside work, Diane, and should be very proud. Warren’s achievements are endless. Where does he get the energy? Can’t wait for our visit with you. Paul is anxious to get started on the floors. He’s not quite certain what he’s facing as he usually gets a look at a job first, but I’m sure all will be wonderful. He’s never met a floor he couldn’t tackle. I’m looking forward to some down time. Life has been too much work lately, and not enough of anything else. Desperately needing the break. Can’t wait!
    Keep blogging! Makes for great reading. I never knew you were all about the stats. How could I not have known that about you? You are also very goal oriented. Good stuff. Love you. Mare.

    • Thanks Rev Mare.
      Exciting for me to receive comments.
      Yes, a big part of my old job was performance measures which uses stats.
      I’m counting down the days until you and Paul arrive. I can’t wait to show you around.

  2. I just found your blog today via lightly crunchy and I’m loving reading your story. I too am a new blogger and love checking my stats each day and dissecting my hits, people’s searches and what posts got the most attention.

    • Yes Julia. I have learned that blogging offers a whole new world. I am so impressed that some bloggers have over 100,000 hits and hundreds of comments ever day. On top of that bloggers ping our bloggers etc etc. Thanks for commenting. I am enjoying receiving your blog

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