Sticking to the plan and showing some results

I am quite pleased with myself.  Over the last six days I have stuck to my plan and have achieved quite a lot.   The weather has been perfect – (not too hot which is key to my productivity) and  my body seems to be holding up.   I guess I am now fitter than I have been in previous years when I spent my days sitting behind a desk.   This year I have been taking it slowly but like the old turtle, I’m getting there.

This is what I have a completed in six days:

  • Bought and applied compost and seed for the front lawn
  • Bought and applied compost, peat moss and sheep manure to the front beds
  • I bought and planted five shrubs
  • Dug up, separated and transplanted over twenty perennials from my beds in Toronto.  (just one peony, several Rudbeckia, several Sedum,  some nice large hostas, a few grasses and groundcover).  

 I have saved myself a few hundred dollars!  



They are all in the ground and watered well.  The weather is also calling for rain over the next three days.  This will be perfect to help them settle in.  

BUT… that is not all.   

 I have started my new bed project.  

My good neighbour Gary was kind enough to bring over his rotator and churn up a large plot (approx 20′ x 15′) right beside my new garden shed.  

 I like that,  it gets lots of light, is handy to my tools and I can see it from the house.  It will be beautiful.

The soil is not quite ready yet.  After Gary turned the sod over, I laid down some newspapers to prevent the grass from regrowning.  On top of the papers I dumped the compost the previous owners had left behind (thank you!)  and some cold fireplace ashes.

Apparently  the local industry (a mushroom factory)  will sell us a yard of mushroom compost for only five dollars.  This is amazing.   I will pour the whole thing right over the top of the newspapers and bam – my garden will be ready to plant.    Excellent, right?   

Hate to brag, but check out how my seeds are coming along.  Just thrilling is it not?   

All that, without any pinched fingers or sore muscles.  Good eh?  Although I do have a sunburnt scalp and nose. 

Meanwhile,  Warren has been very productive.  (what else would you expect?).  Working with two young local boys, he has framed, plumbed and wired the second floor.  Today we had it sprayed with installation.  

We are expecting a dry waller / painter to start on Monday.

Next up, I must choose my paint colours for upstairs and several light features before the floors are sanded on May 7th.    

And… they are starting to excavate the garage addition this coming Monday. 

I’m so thrilled that it is all moving along so nicely.    Exhausting?  Maybe a little, but in a very good way.

About westlakemusings

In 2013 my husband and I retired. We bought an old pre-confederation house out in the country. This blog is about our new world in the country as we explore all of life's possibilities.
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1 Response to Sticking to the plan and showing some results

  1. Donna & John says:

    Diane – I was very moved by your blog – congratulations!! Can’t wait to visit your little piece of paradise in West Lake. You have accomplished so much and Molly looks so content. And I am sure Warren is enjoying the big change in his life also. I will certainly keep visiting your blog – keep up the good work (but you can’t call it work when you are enjoying it so much).
    Love Donna

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